After using psilocybin personally and then coming across info about using it to heal from addictions, Tyler Chandler serendipitously received a call from a friend at the end of her rope with opioid addiction.

With his filmmaking partner Nicholas Meyers, they decided to help her and make a documentary about it in the process.

In the beginning, they used psilocybin to help their friend, Adrianne, get off heroin. It worked for her anxiety and depression, and fortunately, partway through the process, they came across a group of underground healers to help her with the physical dependence. One of those was Inner Realms.

Here’s what the Georgia Straight had to say

“Garyth Moxey, founder of Inner Realms Center and a graduate of the Orenda Institute’s psychedelic-psychotherapy fundamentals program (located on B.C.’s Cortes Island), and then Mark Howard, cofounder of IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing, take charge of Adrianne’s treatment. Howard recommends she transition from psilocybin to a more powerful psychedelic: iboga, a central African shrub that contains the psychoactive compound ibogaine.”

“Almost as fascinating as Adrianne’s journey itself is the extent to which underground clinicians practicing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy were willing to go on-camera in Dosed to publicly share their participation in illegal activities.

“‘It’s civil disobedience,’ Moxey says in the film. ‘Fuck them and their bullshit. You’re going to kick my door in because I’m helping get people off heroin?'”

Right on, Garyth. Tell it like it is!

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