Aftercare and Integration are key components for further healing after an Ibogaine treatment. Here are some providers in Vancouver BC and internationally:

Options Okanagan has a wonderful combination of holistic and therapeutic programs plus the best of the 12 steps coming together for one purpose, to offer each client a personalized alcohol and drug treatment program with an amazing aftercare plan aimed at long term and healthy recovery. Their primary goal is to prepare and counsel each client through a individualized program that not only cleanses the inside but prepares an individual for a healthy and rewarding future as well, alcohol and drug free.

Empower Health is a holistic clinic on the vibrant Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, BC, Canada. The staff is a diverse team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals providing the best of customized integrated health care. Practitioners include: naturopathic doctors, chiropractor, physiotherapist, RMT (registered massage therapist), counsellor, acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, a trauma specialist, breathwork therapist, sound medicine therapist, bowen therapist.

Joanna Wilby has over 20 years of experience in alternative healthcare, working as a RMT, Reiki Master practitioner, Certified BodyTalk practitioner and Certified Associate Pranic Healer. She enables people to transform and heal from the inside out – to become healthier and happier individuals. Joanna is grateful to be of service, knowing that by harnessing the energy that exists within each of us, we can create a better world, where love, joy, and peace will prevail!

Dr Tanya Maté describes integration as a process of becoming whole, and of integrating teachings into your daily life. It is a healing process that continues well beyond the experience that initiated it, whether that is work with a medicine, a meditation or yoga practice, a near-death experience, or an sudden awakening. She has trained with her father-in-law Dr. Gabor Maté in his unique style of processing and integration along with drawing from her own experience, somatic therapies and diverse spiritual teachings. Dr. Tanya holds individual and group sessions.

Holistic House in Las Vegas, NV, is an alternative to the traditional sober living transition model,  employing natural herbs, clean, organic, orthomolecular nutrition, vitamins, reiki, daily practice of yoga and meditation and other natural modalities to aid addicts with a healthy transition phase between detox and return to daily life at home. They incorporate varying daily health-promoting activities to help heal the recovering addict’s body from the toxic effects of an addicted lifestyle and form new habits that will serve them well in the next chapter of their lives.

New Life Thai Foundation in northern Thailand is a mindful recovery community. They offer a rich learning space for those who would like to work on self-improvement, and personal development, and for people who are suffering because of stress, burnout, depression, abuse, and relationship or addiction issues. Their unique program offers life coaching, daily workshops, meditation, yoga, tai chi, sustainable agriculture, natural building, addiction support groups, art therapy, Enneagram, TRE, relapse prevention, compassionate sharing, retreats, etc. They have regular sessions of Inner Dance, public speaking, performance practice, Biodanza, women’s circle/men’s group and more.

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