Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

Treatment for addiction starts with Skype consultations, recommendations for you and a regime of supplementation beforehand. Upon arrival we will meet you, get you settled and stabilized. You’ll visit our physician for a medical review and any prescription required of appropriate medications for a comfortable stay.

Only after we spend a few days relaxing and getting comfortable do we start working with the medicines. How we proceed from there varies on you, your health and the substance we’re working with. There is no cookie cutter protocol and so treatment varies from client to client.

Normally it is done slowly and incrementally over days with smaller amounts of Ibogaine before moving forward to a large dose or continued lower doses. You are coached along and all concerns are covered. We’re there for you 24-7 to see you through this amazing experience of a lifetime.

What Ibogaine Isn’t

It can seem appealing to a drug user to take one drug to get off another and in most cases this works for a period of time ranging from weeks to months.

It’s important to understand though, that Ibogaine is not a silver bullet against addiction; there is no such thing. Nor is it a party drug that’s way cool to trip out while getting some healing in. Successful addiction treatment begins with you.


Ibogaine is a very powerful entheogen (“generating the divine within”), a chemical substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context, that often induces psychological and/or physiological changes. Ibogaine sparks intense introspection and interrupts addiction, propelling you well on your way to a new lifestyle. If you’re ready.

The effectiveness of an Ibogaine addiction treatment has a lot to do with your intent. What is your motivation for taking this therapy? Do you have a clear picture of what your success looks like? Are you quitting for you? Are you done yet?

How open are you to receiving the medicine? Can you give up control to what is said to be the sentient spirits of the plants? Can you face yourself in all your glorious, and not-so-glorious self? Are you ready to dig a little deeper? Clear some stuff up? Find the real you?

And the collateral damage is weighed in as well – physical, financial, spiritual and such. Addiction takes its toll and it’s different for everyone. It all has to be brought to the table and sorted out. We’ll help you with that.

Our Work

That’s part of Inner Realms’ initial consultation work we do with you for the best addiction treatment outcome. We help our clients solidify their motivations and then link those with a strategic combination of recovery modalities that best fits and lead on to a whole new way of being.

We make your Ibogaine treatment for addiction experience as safe, effective and graceful as possible. We promise.