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Blair Bromley, co-founder of Inner Realms-Alternatives in Healing

Blair Bromley

It’s clear that Blair Bromley has decades of experience in the hospitality and personal care industries from the moment she welcomes you into the space.

As the therapeutic coordinator, Blair is the conductor, orchestrating the logistics behind the scenes to ensure your healing takes place in the utmost comfort and all your needs are met with a kind compassion.


Having spent the last decade specifically in personal care and treatment, Blair brings it all from warm hugs to chilled atmosphere to wholesome meals, She’s a horticultural therapist and chef extraordinaire, so there’s no shortage of soothing greenery and nourishing food to eat. Her can-do attitude and a smile full of warmth completes her obvious dedication to your every need.

Garyth Moxey, Ibogaine provider

Garyth Moxey

Garyth Moxey is a Canadian born entheogen provider and harm reduction activist based in Vancouver B.C. His journey with psychedelics started in the early 80’s in the U.K. with Stonehenge Free Festival and traveler community.

After years spent traveling and living in South East Asia he found himself struggling with alcohol and poly drug addiction, after failed rehab attempts and traditional recovery methods he took LSD therapeutically in Marin County in 2000 and ended his relationship with alcohol. After a brief opioid relapse in 2011 he took Iboga, which facilitated much change.


He co formed Liberty Root after the Vancouver Ibogaine conference in 2012 and then went on to form Inner Realms Center in 2016. He completed psychedelic psychotherapy fundamentals at the Orenda Institute, Cortez Island B.C. in the fall of 2016.

He is also a medical cannabis activist and custom produces high-grade cannabis oil for clients dealing with a wide range of medical conditions.

He now works tirelessly with his partner Blair and a variety of therapists to bring about positive lasting change in the people who have chosen to be his clientele.

Vader (Spud, Spudlington) Bromley Ambrose Moxey,
August 19, 2009 – February 5, 2021

Vader was THE Ibogaine therapy dog extraordinaire for those in need of help with opioid addiction detox and spiritual growth in Vancouver BC Canada.

He loved long walks on the beach, ice cream cones and his stuffed teddy bear, Rupert.

Vader, the loving Dogo Argentino, was always up for lots of love, kisses and cuddles and will be missed terribly.

We are passionate about our work and walk the journey at our client’s side each and every step of the way. We are dedicated to ensure that the Ibogaine experience is as safe, effective and graceful as possible. And that’s our promise to you.



“When I first decided to seek Ibogaine treatment, a friend of mine who had been through treatment herself had just 3 words for me: “Get to Garyth.””



Inner Realms Center is located in British Columbia, Canada and specializes in treatment for addiction and PsychoSpiritual healing using Ibogaine and Bufo Alvarius methods.


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