psychospiritual healing


For those who desire to know themselves, understand others or explore end-of-life concerns, psychedelics present a unique way to specifically discover your inner psyche and your greater place in the world.

Psychospiritual Healing

When taking a psychedelic with the intention of psychospiritual healing, life and living is seen in a remarkably different light. It promotes introspection; it may help bring back memories; it can be a touchstone; it can be grounding; it will bring a sense of euphoria and emotional well-being.

Your soul voyages beyond your body as you experience extremes of joy and sorrow. As worldly objects glow with ethereal color, you perceive a significant underlying energy to all things, and the world and yourself in it seem to click together in one huge, expansive understanding. Your journey will bring you peace and optimism that can last a year or more, greatly changing your outlook on your life.

Set and Setting

It’s been asked, if psychedelics can so reliably produce life-altering experiences, then why have the multitudes of people who have taken them recreationally not had these profound psychospiritual healing experiences? Well, who’s to say many don’t but the true answer lies in the term “set and setting.”

This is the physical, mental, social and environmental context one brings into the situation. When psychedelics are taken in a sacred space, whether it be in a shamanic ceremony in the Amazon, a safe place in your own country or in your very own living room, and with the intention for healing, then that is exactly what happens.

Safe and Serene

That’s why we offer this psychospiritual healing experience to those that desire this deeper exploration of self. We are experienced “psychonauts,” having experienced the journey for ourselves many times over and safely guided many others through their own magical experiences. We believe these beautiful adventures should be had by all and we are happy to be able to provide them to you in a safe and serene atmosphere.

Connect to your divine, true self. Experience the feeling of universal belonging—the sense that we are all one. Feel a deep and heightened perception of the world as it truly is and as you truly are. You deserve it!