May 31, 2016 Garyth

Yo Peyote a documentary

Yo Peyote is a documentary about a man’s journey to his inner self via this psychedelic and how he comes to understand and make peace with his inner demons through deep insights of his spiritual side.


This small, spineless cactus with psychoactive alkaloids, particularly mescaline, grows wildly in the Chihuahuan Desert that straddles the Mexico-US border in the central and northern portions of the Mexican Plateau.

There is increasing evidence that this hallucinogen has beneficial therapeutic uses in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and anxiety. Mescaline, the alkaloid found in peyote, is known to modulate neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine within the brain, both of which play essential role in the regulation of pleasure.

Serotonin affects the parts of the human brain that relate to feelings and perception. Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, and personality disorders often have altered or injured serotonin systems. Peyote, acting as a sort of serotonin mimic, may therefore assist in the treatment of individuals who suffer from ailments where serotonin is lacking or ineffectual.

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Garyth Moxey is a middle aged, well travelled Brit with personal first hand knowledge of the destructive path of addiction and of the redemption to be found with plant spirit medicines such as Ibogaine. Having had his life turned around in 2000 by entheogens, he has strived to help facilitate that growth in others who sincerely seek it, is now dedicated to working with those who truly seek positive change and transformation in their lives.

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