Wondering what the big deal is with psychedelics and dosing these days? Well, as a recent post in Toronto Life says “People are microdosing and macrodosing and every other imaginable type of dosing. Not to get high, necessarily, but to get better.”

Get better? Sounds kind of strange when this stuff used to be illegal. Well, not so strange after all. The war on drugs put a drag on the use of psychedelics for psycho-spiritual benefits in life. Clinical trials all over the place are now showing how helpful they really are. Read about three people who are benefitting from psychedelic dosing and then talk to us about more info:

Calm at the end of life
Just as the boomers used psychedelics to expand their consciousness to a more loving culture in their youth, Andrea Byrd is one of them who are now using them to open their minds to a more expansive viewpoint of death and beyond.

“Microdosing helped me come to terms with my own death”


Coping with Trauma
Stressed out and using heaving drinking to cope, after Patrick Fletch was diagnosed with PTSD, he wanted a better way than opioids and medications he’d seen his friend struggle with.

“After six ketamine therapy sessions, I’m a different person”

Retraining the Brain
Constantly feeling negative and suicidal, Janine Bajnauth has a new perspective on life and now feels more loving and supportive toward herself.

“Ketamine fixed what antidepressants couldn’t”

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