Ben Goresky is a multi-talented guy.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Addictions Counselling and was an addictions counselor in four different facilities in North America. Currently, he coaches men in 1st and 2nd stage recovery using a holistic approach to accelerate their healing and achieve a full recovery from addiction.

He is also a leader in the Samurai Brotherhood, a community of conscious men in Vancouver, BC. This brotherhood exists to connect men to each other, and to their own masculine core. He is helping this organization grow and impact men in other cities.

Ben also hosts The Evolving Man Podcast, a show dedicated to bringing inspiring conversations from leaders in the personal growth and recovery space. This passion project helps him serve the community by broadcasting the wealth of knowledge that is out in the world. On the show, he and his guests discuss relationships, health, addiction and recovery, and plant medicines and psychedelics.

In this episode, Ben interviewed Garyth and they covered:

  • Garyth’s story of alcohol and opiate addiction.

  • The Peace Convoy in the 80s – unemployed hippie drug culture.

  • How Garyth experienced a breakthrough on LSD that lead him to get clean from Alcohol.

  • Garyth’s story going to rehab.

  • The two crucial steps to recovering from addiction – Getting off the drug of choice, and learning to deal with the stress of regular life without using.

  • The importance of community in addiction recovery. Can not be overstated.

  • How Garyth found Ibogaine and saw it’s powerful effects.

  • What is Iboga and Ibogaine, and where does it come from?

  • What are the traditional uses of Iboga.

  • What Ibogaine clinics look like.

  • The dark reality of Methadone and Suboxone for addiction during the opioid crisis.

  • The documentary that best shows opiate addiction – DOSED.

  • Legal barriers to the use of Ibogaine and Iboga.

  • What the future of Opiate treatment looks like.

  • The best aftercare treatment for Ibogane patients.

  • How the best addiction treatment works.

  • The proper use of psychedelics for later recovery.

  • The importance of diet in addiction recovery, and how diet can sabotage recovery.