DMT (dimenthyltryptamine) is the powerful psychedelic drug found naturally occurring in various plants and animals with small quantities in the human brain. It’s the only psychoactive substance found naturally in the body and when using DMT (smoking or ingesting), releases its powerful psychedelic properties, producing a hallucinating experience that can lasts from 10-45 minutes.

Its been incredibly helpful for treating cases of substance abuse, addictions and other psychological issues.  One user reported “that experience really gave me the chance to rewire my being, like an electrician, to redesign like an architect, to re-ignite like a fire-dancer, that my diamond ship might need more work uncovering the rest of this mysterious journey I’ve undertaken but the fact that I have recognized my own consciousness, and a sense of empowerment within the consciousness, was a grand gift indeed.”

The hugely profound, remarkable feeling leaves users feeling like they are immersed in a kaleidoscope with different sounds and images coming into their head. DMT’s intensity comes on strong and very fast, users have reported to have rushes as soon as the drug takes over the body. It has been reported that people see mystic visions more powerfully than on any other psychedelics.

Some scientists have even speculated that DMT is produced and then released during our REM sleep, during dreaming, at birth and death, during deep meditation practices and during religious experiences.  It is not uncommon to hear that someone who has experienced this medicine has had a profound spiritual awakening and changed aspects of their lives.  All DMT is based on the DMT molecule with different analogues of the molecule represented in examples like 5meoDMT and Psilocybin.  They are just substitutions in various places on the link of DMT.

So if you are looking to recharge your batteries or looking for a psychedelic roller coaster, DMT might be the powerhouse experience you’ve been looking for.

For more information, check out Rick Strassman’s movie, DMT, The Spirit Molecule.