We accomplished the impossible. I kept trying to get off of oxycodone, and couldn’t function. I didn’t want to lose my job or my career, and going into a drug treatment program would have done just that.

Besides, all of those people I knew and have heard about going in and out of treatment only to still have problems with opiate addiction.

When I discovered Suboxone I thought that would be the cure. Nope. Turns out that was just as addictive. Cheaper, but addictive.

Then, after many years of addiction, when I heard about Ibogaine, I immediately went online to check it out. It sounded too good to be true but it turns out it’s not. It’s just a miracle cure for opiate addiction as well as other addictions, that’s all. Nothing more.

It took me about two days to get off of Suboxone and back on the oxycodone, as everywhere I looked on the Internet you needed three months minimum off of Suboxone before you could take Ibogaine. Then I started making calls in Canada. Inner Realms was the second place I called and it became clear that Inner Realms was the place for me.

I needed to be anonymous, and they take just one client at a time. That was very appealing to me. Not just for the anonymity but for safety purposes as well. When all eyes are on only you, it just seems much safer. Also, they have a therapy dog, bonus! He is an awesome dog!

Not to mention all of the support I got during the three months I had to go back to the oxycodone. Many phone calls, many long talks with Garyth preparing me and helping me to become more comfortable coming up there to Canada to do the Ibogaine treatment. It was kind of scary leaving my country, going to a place that I knew little about with people I only knew online. So it was great that Garyth and Blair let my husband stay with me for several hours when we arrived, even feeding him dinner before he had to go. It made both of us feel more comfortable about me staying there.

During my stay there they made sure my needs were met, they helped me when I needed help, and left me with a sense that they are good people that obviously enjoy helping others when they need it the most.

Post treatment, I was still in communication with Garyth who offered his support, which was very helpful and much needed.

I am a month post treatment now. Yes, it absolutely worked! After my long hard journey, I have to say that today I feel great. I followed Garyth’s and Blair’s instructions with a big payoff. Today I am free from the chains of addiction.

I have been a professional for almost 20 years now and take a great deal of pride in what I do. I work hard at being the top in my field. I have to say I feel the same is true for Garyth and Blair. They really know what they are doing. They work very hard at what they do, before, during, and after treatment. They are extremely good at their job and take it seriously.

You could tell from the start that this is not their first rodeo, they seemed very experienced. I am so grateful of the decision I made to go to Inner Realms. I am so grateful that I put myself in their extremely competent and caring hands.

Thank you so much Garyth, Blair and Vader, you helped save me from losing my 30 year marriage, my career, my health, and my life. Thank you.