Shane Kennedy’s Testimonial

If you have the pleasure of reading this, understand that you are exactly where you should be. Look no further because Inner Realms can facilitate your recovery with the grace, compassion, know how, experience and wisdom required to comfort any individual’s needs when embarking on such a sacred journey.

Garyth, Blair and everyone’s favourite therapy dog, Vader, are nothing short of angels sent to help the less fortunate take control of their lives again. I can say with all my heart that these three are some of my favourite people and have drastically assisted in a complete turn around in my life.  Yes, Ibogaine is a powerful medicine in its own right but when combined with the love, compassion and empathy that this team puts into the process, you have the recipe for success. 

From the initial consultation with Garyth over the phone, I felt this sense of peace and just knew I was in the right hands. He was able to answer any questions and concerns that I had.  He made himself available for follow up calls and guided me through the pre-treatment process with grace. I truly got the sense that this person cared about my recovery and gave me the guidance I needed to be successful. I felt that he was not in it for personal gain or satisfaction, and this was the overwhelming undertone of the entire treatment from the whole team – selfless action. 

From the beginning, I was made aware of how the process worked, what to expect and things to do or avoid in advance. We covered all the bases.  He always kept things light and filled with encouragement but also didn’t leave out any of the facts or recommendations for a successful treatment.

Once I touched down, Garyth was there to meet me at the airport and made sure I had everything I needed. After getting settled and meeting Blair and Vader, we took that first day to tour the city and build more of a bond which helped ease the tension and anxiety of undertaking such a transformational process. 

Blair instantly made me feel at home with her warm bubbly aura and made sure I had everything that I needed and got settled properly.  The menu was tailored to my likes and desires with an emphasis on getting as much healthy and nutritious food into me as possible. This has gotten much easier as my diet has completely changed for the better since treatment. 

The last piece of the team to steal your heart is Vader, the wonderful therapy pooch. Vader and I spent a lot of time together and it was always comforting to have him by my side. He is pretty special but don’t just take my word for it – read the rest of the testimonials.

As far as the treatment protocol itself, everything was tailored to my specific needs and if adjustments were required, then that was what was done. I was under constant care and always had what I needed or requested, and was always made to feel comfortable.  I was informed of every step of the process, and always felt safe and secure. Everyone’s journey is different and the medicine will give you what you need, so I won’t go into my experiences, but I will say to trust the process and listen to the advice of your treatment team.

The main difference I have encountered in the Ibogaine process and community is the love and compassion that is shown and the ability to have power over your own journey. That is one crucial piece of advice for potential clients, this is your journey and you need to take ownership of that.  Take this wonderful journey for yourself, for the betterment of the rest of your life. Soak in as much knowledge and advice that you can but understand that the power to make these changes come from within. Believe in yourself every step of the way and you will come out the other side being your true authentic self. Have compassion for yourself and understand we all fall down and it is our responsibility to pick ourselves up, dust off and plow forward.  

I will add that I would recommend if possible to look into pre-treatment counselling to dig into the reasons for your use and to prepare for this journey and have the knowledge to treat the process with the right respect and reverence. I would also suggest looking into aftercare options once treatment is complete to have some time to integrate and keep growing and not jump right back into life.  The way I have looked at my own path is that this is an investment into the rest of my life and I am worth it, and it has paid off brilliantly. If I can do it and so many others can, then so can you. Believe in yourself!