At 41 years old after being addicted to opiates for 24 years I found myself at a crossroads. I was at the end of my rope. I felt there was no way out, my body was now giving out on me and I knew I did not have much time left. My habit was up to 2 grams a day.

I then came across Ibogaine, which I never of heard about before. Although I’ve been in college for addiction, nothing about ibogaine was ever mentioned for drug dependency. This blew my mind.

I was very sceptical about ibogaine as I had tried most traditional methods to quit and nothing ever stuck, so believed this might not work for me either. I was so petrified of withdrawals, as they would come every three to four hours. At that point I was crying out, looking for a way out, pleading for my life back.

I then found out about Inner Realms, contacted Garyth and then contacted many other ibogaine practitioners.

Garyth spent so much time with me explaining the treatment, listening to all my worries and answering every one of my questions in a honest, supportive manner. He supported me throughout this whole transition, providing resources and so much knowledge about ibogaine and addiction.

I now realize if it was not for Garyth’s and Blair’s compassionate work, I most likely would not be writing this today. Garyth’s method for treatment (saturation) was really the only way I could escape the slaverly of my opiate dependency, as my habit was far beyond the breaking point and my tolerance was through the roof.

I never once felt judged or ashamed, pre- or post-treatment, which was refreshing as I always felt so when doing any other traditional treatment. The environment in which they provide the treatment felt very safe, supportive and comfortable. I couldn’t have been better taken care of. Garyth and Blair were very attentive to all my needs, and Blair’s cooking – amazing cooking – was a added bonus.

As a team, Garyth and Blair work very well together, the combination of Garyth’s passion for this cause and his addiction experience and knowledge of the medicine go hand-in-hand with Blair’s organization skills, attentiveness to my needs combined with her loving nurturing nature provided the best environment for my treatment.

I am so very fortunate I did my treatment with Inner Realms. I couldn’t have imagined  a better place to regain my  life back. I will be forever be grateful to have them both in my life!

Ibogaine is truly a miracle!!!