From the very first moment I spoke with Garyth over the phone, I immediately felt at ease to move forward with ibogaine treatment. From arriving at the airport and being greeted with open arms by Garyth, to the daily nourishment and comfort provided by Blair nurturing me through this life changing process, I was able to achieve a state of calm throughout the medicine treatment.

Garyth’s  approach to the medicine comes from a genuine place of empathy and compassion for each client. I couldn’t believe how personalized the care was and how it was around the clock.  If you felt uncomfortable, if you were awake, if you were hungry, if you needed to talk, they were there to facilitate.

Each treatment protocol is personalized to each client with individual scheduled activities.  Throughout the ibogaine treatment I ate a menu that Blair created with my dietary requirements and the food was another form of healing medicine- so healthy and delicious, I truly felt my body recalibrating. From cold pressed juices to plant based meals and snacks, I was able to eat to for my mind, body and soul.  Garyth organized hikes, swimming and saunas as part of the treatment. Blair took me to Reiki, message and on days off medicine, showed me neighbourhoods in Vancouver and places of interest to me.

Although when meeting Blair and Garyth they were strangers, I never had any fear.  To be honest I didn’t know what to expect and because of their approach to ibogaine treatment, it ending up being one of the most profound, healing and best times in my life.

Although extremely difficult to process at times, they held space for me in a way that allowed true healing to begin.  Never have I encountered two human beings who work so tirelessly to help individuals through the toughest time in their life, by providing a level of care that reflects dignity, compassion and respect. They provide the space, time and facilitate the medicine to give you the opportunity to take the steps to change your life for the better.

For me the medicine has been the catalyst to create the life I want and achieve the things in my life I knew I was capable of, but in the past wasn’t able to because of my addictions. Not only has my life changed forever, I am the happiest I have ever been and have the tools to continue to do the work necessary to live the life I have alway wanted.

Ibogaine can be a pivotal moment to clear the space and prioritize your recovery.  It requires a level of commitment to the process and the focus to learn about yourself in ways you may have numbed or blocked in the past.  It brings an awareness to the surface that allows you to shine light in the areas of your life that may have been uncomfortable to process, but that light leads you on a path out of the darkness.  Garyth and Blair are the light workers.