I want to thank Inner Realm Center for their amazing help in saving my life.

I was a complete mess before beginning my treatment. I was stuck in the same cycle every day for nearly a decade. I was so sick of dragging myself and my loved ones into a bigger hole every day. Things really changed for me when I found out about Ibogaine and it’s healing effects.

I found Inner Realms Center website at the beginning of 2018. After talking with them on the phone I knew I had a chance to break free from this nightmare and save my life. They were so kind, loving, and caring. I felt comfortable staying with them. They helped me regain my health in the fastest and most efficient way possible. I am very grateful for their help.

Words can not describe how good I feel right now. I haven’t even thought about using since I left their place over three months ago. Always remember there is hope. We just got lost at some point in our life and drifted away from it. Keep on trying.