When I found out about ibogaine and the use of it became very urgent for me to get into center as soon as possible.

I talked to 2 other ibogaine providers before Garyth. None of them felt my urgency as much as he did.

And I was on the flight to Vancouver from New York with a heavy and obsessive heroin addiction. When I got off the plane, withdrawals started to come on and I was worried what if it doesn’t work but Garyth was there to make comfortable and started the healing process right away.

It was a very unconventional and “weird” way to treat my problem then I used to but I was willing to try it. When I got to the center with Garyth, I felt a homie energy and felt comfortable right away.

I was the focus of the healing and Blair made it feel like home. Food menu was customized everyday to your wants and needs, and fresh foods were provided.

Ibogaine was very difficult mentally and spiritually in the healing process. The feeling of comfort and compassion from Garyth and Blair made all the difference in my process and I’m grateful for the time and space I experienced while I was there.

Plant medicines was my way out. I tried every way possible to get out the internal shit hole; from 28 day rehabs to intensive 90 day rehabs to half way houses and outpatient rehabs to suboxone, which relieved the symptoms temporarily but the monkey on my back was always there.

After doing ibogaine and ayahuasca,  2 months after my mind and body are changed forever and my soul is at the forefront