Barbara Beach

At 72, I had the distinction of being the oldest client accepted by Inner Realms. I had been on opiates for 20 years after a back injury and surgery led to 10 more surgeries and joint replacements over the next 11 years. I had gone off opiates twice before going to Canada. The first time I went off on my own and the second time by doing the Ibogaine program in Mexico. Each time I had gone off, I ended up going back on due to chronic pain.

I am so impressed by my experience at Inner Realms. I have never been so well cared for. I was treated with respect and great compassion. I also found the process very educational. In the United States there is so much mis-information about both opiates and psychedelics.

My treatment in Canada with Ibogaine was very different than what I had experienced in Mexico. When I went down to Mexico for the flood dose, I came back 6 days later exhausted and nauseated. I had not slept for 2 nights after the Ibogaine. I was not given any instructions for my return home and I never heard from anyone there again.

Instead of 6 days I was in Canada for 3 weeks so the process was much slower. Before I came home, I was given very helpful and detailed instructions on how to continue my recovery. Once home, I continue to receive support and advice from Garyth and Blair. I am so incredibly grateful for their dedication, their knowledge and their high standards of practice.