5-MeO-DMT flashlight to take into the shadows – Anara’s Testimontial

Where is the 50 stars button!?!

5 stars doesn’t begin to give worthiness to this 5-MeO-DMT retreat centre and it’s AHmazing full service owners/facilitators!

I’ve NEVER felt so much love, kindness, non-judgemental, massive compassion, trust & supportive therapeutic intentions, actions and energy from anywhere for me to have a safe space to just let  it all out and get my healing!

For YEARS I went from therapist to therapist making my half joke in our first session, “Do you have the magic wand?” I know their answer would always be “no” or “that doesn’t exist.” But something very deep in side me ‘knew’ that there was one and that one day, I would find it. Well… I ‘asked’ and I ‘received.’

My first 3 solo retreats were literally like having 8 years of traditional talk therapy in one 8+ hour 5-MeO-DMT session with Inner Realms! Like, I totally FOUND my magic wand right here. I kid you not. So much so that I’m a regular as much as I’m able now!

This is not “fast therapy” per se asI still have to put in “the work” but comparatively, its the fastest that I’ve every experienced and trust me… I’ve done and taken a lot to make that calculation.

I so knew there was a magic wand out there somewhere, so to speak, and I will be ever so grateful to Inner Realms Center for giving me back a life quite literally worth living.

Inner Realms’ 5-MeO-DMT journey is the flashlight to take into your shadows… making way for healing of a massive depth one can only imagine.

Forever Thank-Full for my new found freedom!