Testimonial from Chris

Key to Freedom

Written by: Garyth

Garyth Moxey is a middle aged, well travelled Brit with personal first hand knowledge of the destructive path of addiction and of the redemption to be found with plant spirit medicines such as Ibogaine. Having had his life turned around in 2000 by entheogens, he has strived to help facilitate that growth in others who sincerely seek it, is now dedicated to working with those who truly seek positive change and transformation in their lives.

Congratulations!!  Your search for the safest, most effective (the best results, exponentially so), and healing ibogaine practitioner is OVER.  It has been nine months since I worked with Garyth, Blair – and Magical Millie the cosmic canine support team member – and Inner Realms “Team Clean Chris” was successful beyond my deepest dreams, hopes, and soul prayers.  I consciously waited until 7-9 months after Garyth and Blair and ibogaine changed, saved, and liberated my life so that I could be most honest (more information and credibility because I made it all the way THROUGH) and helpful to you, dear reader, because I was where you are and that inspires me to be your advocate.

I spent four years researching iboga and ibogaine before choosing to do a flood dose at “the most reputable” ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico.  I was only on 60 mg of pain medication a day and their assembly line approach (the only time the clinic contacted me was six weeks after the flood dose, asking me to write a review.  I responded, “Let’s see if it works first before I speak to any human being about your stingy and avaricious approach and whether or not it works, not just for me, but for others as well.”  I never wrote that review because they couldn’t help someone who was ONLY taking 60 mg of medication daily!  Garyth & Blair’s approach is exponentially more successful. It takes more effort and work on Inner Realm’s part to do things the right way for the benefit of all, and they were able to out-class, and out-perform them, all while maintaining the best practices and procedures.

Perhaps the most important test is this one: after years of research, speaking to over 30 different ibogaine providers ALL over the world, I trusted my care, my body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, my very life, to Garyth, Blair and Inner Realms and it is absolutely the best decision I have made in decades and one of the best ever in my life.  I will entrust the lives, and be sending the people I LOVE most in this world, my family & friends, to only ONE ibogaine provider, Inner Reams – Garyth, Blair & Millie.

All you have to do now is say “YES” and Inner Realms will expertly guide, support and help you achieve integrated healing, transformation, and even, LIBERATION!

– Dennis Bergshoeff

My experience during my Ibogaine treatment was exceptional and well coordinated. I was made to feel extremely comfortable so my transition into the introspective world of Ibogaine was smooth. Any question was answered and every need was met with compassion and love.

My psycho spiritual and addiction healing journey was worth every penny since I no longer crave like I used to, with a black hole to feed every single day. Freedom is something everybody needs from their demons and this was the catalyst in my case.

– Alexie

InnerRealms facilitated a great transformation in my life. When I was at my very worst, they helped me turn my life around.

With the help of Garyth’s knowledge of the medicine and life time of experience, along with Blair’s incredible ability to relate to others in a kind and nurturing way, I was able to change internally, on a deep level. 

– Paul B.

Opiates had been a problem for me my entire adult life. From age 19 to age 37, on and off for 18 years, but mainly on. I had never been clean for longer than 12 months. I had tried many different methods of quitting from going cold turkey on my own, detox, methadone, 12 steps, moving to different cities and even Rapid Opiate Detox surgery

- Brian

I came to Inner Realms with an addiction to grams of pure heroin a day habit for many years. I was nervous at first but right from the second I arrived, I knew I was in great hands. I was even given medication right away so I could stay comfortable the whole time.

Garyth and Blair are both extremely knowledgeable and caring, and they saved my life.



- Connor

When I found out about ibogaine and the use of it became very urgent for me to get into center as soon as possible.

I talked to 2 other ibogaine providers before Garyth. None of them felt my urgency as much as he did.

And I was on the flight to Vancouver from New York with a heavy and obsessive heroin addiction.  

- Rachele

When I first decided to seek Ibogaine treatment, a friend of mine who had been through treatment herself had just 3 words for me: “Get to Garyth.”

She told me that he was really the best provider around, and my experience in treatment showed me the value of her advice.

Inner Realms is a small, client-centric Ibogaine center run by Garyth and Blair. Over the course of several weeks, they weaned me slowly off a 10+ year methadone addiction and provided the kindest, most loving care and treatment.

They were attentive to my every physical, spiritual, psychosocial and emotional need, and made me feel both safe and welcome at Inner Realms.