Have you heard? Everybody’s talking about it. We’re in the middle of a Psychedelic Renaissance in the healing professions!

And it’s about time.

Ever since Nixon screwed us over in the 60’s with his War on Drugs, we’ve missed out on the healing benefits of psychedelics. Not any more.

Psychology Today tells us that “In early 2014, Scientific American called for further inquiries into certain psychedelic drugs. It also criticized American drug regulators for limiting access to LSD (Lysergic acid-diethylamide), ecstasy (MDMA), and psilocybin

Then, a few months afterward, Science described how scientists were rediscovering psychedelics – both as objects of basic research and as therapeutic applications. The basic thrust was that “more and more researchers are turning back to psychedelics” to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, various addictions, and other categories of mental illness.

One psychiatrist, Ben Sessa, christened this moment a psychedelic renaissance.” And, voila!

Even Gwyneth Paltrow over at Goop Lab is talking about. We know it’s real now – we’re mainstream, baby!

In this report, they talk about psychedelics and healing, psychedelics and the spiritual experience, psychedelics and depression, and last but not least, psychedelics and addiction featuring a pretty good discussion about Ibogaine.

Check it out… Then give us a call!