Garyth Moxey’s passion and depth of knowledge of healing with plant medicines is evident when you start discussing using them to heal from addictions and their psycho-spiritual benefits with him.

As a recovered substance and alcohol abuser himself, who struggled for many years, he found that the mainstream abstinence programs just didn’t work for him. Desperate to try anything he took a cue from one of the AA founders and during an LSD session realized how much he needed to change. After a subsequent opiate relapse, he had the good fortune to discover Ibogaine and with this wise plant medicine, was able to kick his addiction for good.

Since then, he has been working tirelessly with Ibogaine in both Mexico and Canada. Garyth’s experience as a co-director of an Ibogaine clinic in Vancouver, BC since 2013 helped him build the skills and expertise needed to start the non-profit, Inner Realms Center, in 2016.

Garyth and his team provide dedicated coaching with a personalized focus to assist the client through plant medicine therapy including using Ibogaine.

As a strong believer in the healing power of the plant medicines, Garyth’s enthusiasm shines through when exploring different plant medicine options to discover what works best for the individual.

Give us a call today and he will happily address any concerns or questions you may have and what therapy is right for you.