You may have noticed the media discussing opioid addiction lately but you might not know what the heck an opioid is. Educating yourself is the first step to spotting and helping stop this in your loved ones.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we thought we’d help you brush up the topic by defining and listing the generic names of opioids along with many of the brand and street names you may also find mentioned.

It’s important to know the street names for these drugs because it can also be a sign that a loved one might be abusing the drug. Someone calling morphine “Miss Emma,” for example, may be buying some on the street because that’s how the drug can be referred to by illegal sources.


In a nutshell, the term “opioid” is used to refer just to the man-made opiates but is now used to refer to all types.

Generic opioid names

The natural opioids are opium, morphine and codeine, and all are derived directly from the opium poppy.

Some of the semi-synthetic opioids are benzylmorphine, buprenorphine, butorphanol, desomorphine, dipropanoylmorphine, ethylmorphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, heroin (diacetylmorphine), levorphanol, nalbuphine, nicomorphine, oxycodone and oxymorphone, and all developed in labs from natural opioids.

Fully synthetic opioids such as atarax, demerol, dextropropoxyphrene, dilaudid, fentanyl, lortab, methadone, norco, pethidine or meperidine, pentazocine, propoxyphene, tapentadol, tramadol, and are completely man made.

Opioid addiction treatment

While still pain relievers, methadone and buprenorphine, produce a more controlled effect than other opioids. Simply put, these drugs lack the peaks and troughs that are associated with short-term opioids, like heroin—swings in drug plasma levels that can cause overdose and withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, these drugs are often used as treatments for opioid addiction.

Some synthetic opioid drugs such as naloxone and naltrexone, can counteract the pain-relieving effects of other opioids and may also be used to treat opioid addiction.

But this is all still dependency on opioids. Just a different “dealer.”

Opioid brand names

Algedol, Amidiaz, Anafil, Anamorph, Astramorph, Actiskenan, Analmorph, Analfin, Avinza, Cloruro Morfico Braun, Contalgin, Compensan, Continue and Capros, Depolan, Doloral, Dulcontin, Duralgin, DepoDur, Dimorf, Dolcontin, Doltard, Duralmor, Duramorph, Epimorph, Embeda, Filnarine, Graten, GNO, Hospira and Infumorph, Kapabloc, Kadian, Kapanol, Loceptin, Longphine, LA Morph, M-Beta, M-Eslon, M-Retard, M-Long, M-Stada, Malfin, Maxidon, Meslon, Micro-Morphine, MCR, M-Dolor, Morapid, Moraxen, Morficontin, Morfin, Morfina, Morcap, Moretal, Morin, Morph, Morphanton, Morphgesic, Morphin, Morphex, Morphini, Morphinum, Mogetic, Morphitec, Morphium, Morstel, MOS, Moscontin, Morstel, MS Contin, MS Direct, MS Long, MS Mono, Morphiphar, Mortificontin, Mundidol, Narcan, Neocalmans, Noceptin, Nepenthe, Novo-Morphine, PMS-Morphine, Q-Med Morphine, S-Morphine, Oglos, OMS Concentrate, Onkomorphin, Opitard, Oblioser, Oramorph, Opsalvina, Ordine, Painbreak, RA Morph, Relimal, Repriadol, RMS, Roxanol, Ratio-Morphine, Relipain, Rescudose, Sevre-Long, Slovalgin, SRM-Rhotard, Stellorphinad, Stellaphine, Stellorphine, Skenan, Slo-Morph, Sevredol, Statex, Substitol, Uni Mist, Vendal,, Zomorph

Opioid street names

Amidone, Apache, Black tar, Captain Cody, Cody, China girl, China white, Dance fever, Demmies, Dillies, Doors & Fours, Dreamer, Emsel, Evzio, First line, fizzies, footballs, Friend, God’s drug, Goodfella, Hillbilly heroin, Horse, Jackpot, Juice, Loads, M, MS, Miss Emma, Monkey, Morf, Morpho, Mr Blue, Murder 8, OC, octagons/stop signs, Oxy, Oxy 80, Oxycat, Pain killer, Pancakes & syrup, Percs, Skag, Smack, Schoolboy, TNT, Tango and Cash, Unkie, Vikes, Watson-387, White Stuff.

Help is here

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