Open Your Eye Ep70 with guest Garyth Moxey

Garyth’s journey with psychedelics started in the early 80’s in the U.K. with Stonehenge Free Festival and the traveler community.

After years spent traveling and living in South East Asia, he found himself struggling with alcohol and a poly-drug addiction. Many failed rehab attempts and traditional recovery methods later, he took LSD therapeutically in Marin County in 2000 and ended his relationship with alcohol. After a brief opioid relapse in 2011 he took Iboga which made an incredible difference and set him on the path to his life’s work. He co-formed Liberty Root after the Vancouver Ibogaine conference in 2012 and then went on to form Inner Realms Center in 2016.

As of Jan 2022, Garyth has facilitated 375 Ibogaine treatments. He has also completed psychedelic psychotherapy fundamentals at the Orenda Institute, Cortez Island B.C. in the fall of 2016 and as of April 2022, completed a Psychedelic Therapist certificate program from Synthesis Institute.

Garyth was also part of the award-winning independent documentary, Dosed made to raise awareness about the healing powers of psychedelic medicine, and now Dosed II. He is also a medical cannabis activist and custom produces high-grade cannabis oil for clients dealing with a wide range of medical conditions.

Garyth now works tirelessly with his partner Blair and a variety of therapists to bring about positive lasting change in the people who have chosen to be his clientele.

Garyth is increasing his knowledge base to help patients. He is currently enrolled in a DMT training course adding to his extensive resume with natural therapy facilitation