Having recently treated someone for her opiate addiction who is a mother of a small child, a wife of many years and a much beloved daughter, the following is her story and her experience taking Ibogaine:

I was able to do something I never thought I would ever be able to do: By taking Ibogaine, I was able to kick my long time opiate addiction. This plant medicine is renowned for helping people kick their addictions, especially opiates.

Heavy Opiate Addiction

I kept trying to get off Oxycodone but I was so heavily addicted, I couldn’t function without them. I knew it was getting close to where I could lose my career and I’d worked so hard to get where I was. I didn’t want to go to a drug treatment facility near home because I was terrified of someone finding out and it getting back to work. Besides anyone I knew that had an opiate addiction seemed to go in and out of treatment centers without much success.

I tried the Suboxone route for a moment thinking it might be the cure but as it turns out, Suboxone is just as addictive but at a cheaper price. So many years passed with my opiate addiction and one night I came across Ibogaine by accident.

TV Ibogaine Treatment

I was doing the ironing and watching an episode of Law and Order, and as strange as that might sound, this “Ibogaine” treatment seemed to ring out loudly in my mind saying, “This is what you have been looking for!” I immediately went online to check it out and it sounded way too good to be true.

I started making calls to Ibogaine clinics in Mexico and Canada. I quickly learned that Ibogaine was illegal in the US where I lived so I was going to have to travel to receive treatment. I leaned more towards treatment in Canada, as I lived in Seattle and it seemed like a better option for my family and myself.

One-on-One Private Therapy

I decided to choose an Ibogaine clinic that worked with one client at a time. I needed the anonymity and preferred knowing that I would be well looked after, not sharing my space or experience with another addict in for treatment.  I felt safer knowing that all eyes were on me, making sure that the attention to my care would be met. It took a lot of calling and research but I finally decided on one particular clinic in Vancouver, BC where I could tell right away that they had a lot of experience and who were also very easy to talk to. I didn’t feel like I had to hide a thing, they understood everything about my opiate addiction.

Medicine Days

During my stay, my needs were met on a daily basis as I experienced what my providers would refer to as “medicine days.”  Medicine days consisted of taking Ibogaine and then entering a sleep/dream like state for the majority of the day.  I would have dreams or what seemed like visions starting at early childhood and moving up to the present, almost like watching a movie of my life staring myself.

I was told I’d speak out phrases and have conversations, stating random things like “I don’t know why his toolbox is so messy. It’s not my fault” or “I’m getting bored with my hair color, I want to change it to pink or the same color as that girl.” I don’t remember saying any of this. I do remember feeling very “out of it” and needing help to get to the washroom or getting up.

Restorative Work

I stayed in this dream state for days, which seemed to go on for forever. But this allowed for some repairing of damaged receptors and introspective, restorative work to be done, without me even realizing what was going on!

I am grateful to my providers for their hard work before, during and after my treatment. They took it seriously and I feel so good knowing that I put myself in their caring and competent hands.  It helped to save my marriage, my career, my health and my life. I was able to free myself of my opiate addiction, allowing me move on with my life. Thank you!

For more information, watch the movie Ibogaine-Rite of Passage