Microdosing seems to be a major trend right now and with good reason. It gives all the benefits of the psychedelic without the commitment of a fully psychoactive session. On a daily basis, it can make you sharper or more compassionate or better focussed or replace your antidepressants or adderall… It can re-work the neural pathways in your brain so life is so much better.

Given those positive outcomes, who wouldn’t want to jump in?

We’re all for it but let’s be responsible and talk about what you really need to know before you take the leap:

  1. Stop here! – this should be at the beginning of everything you read about microdosing: Anyone at risk of any psychiatric issues like a psychotic disorder, severe depression or schizophrenia or even for those with ongoing anxiety, please do not engage in microdosing pscyhedelics. They can over-stimulate and increase or kick-start issues. Be safe, kids and check out your family medical history first. Or just stop and think about what you know to be true about yourself. You won’t gain any advantage if you’re quaking in a corner.

That being said, if you’re good to go, then:

  1. Amount – about 1/15th to 1/10th of a recreational dose. Or at least, that’s what our research tells us. Though, someone I know mentioned that you may need to experiment at a time you have the luxury of being on another planet for a while and do what’s considered a recreational dose first to see exactly what that amount is. (Your dealer will probably have a good idea.) Because nothing is standardized when it’s illegal (War on Drugs), so each batch is usually different in potency.
  1. Time – whatever time is morning for you. Just so you get a chance to wind down and chill out before bedtime – especially if you miscalculate dosage.
  1. How – on an empty stomach works best, even if you do usually indulge in breakfast in the morning. That way, my friend said, you are more attuned as to when the psychedelic clicks in. It’s subtle but it’s there. It’s supposed to be sub-perceptual but for those that are sensitive to the body, like my friend, you know something is different.
  1. How often – every 3-4 days. Why? Because the effect will subtly last for 2-3 days and you’ll build up an intolerance to it if you do it more than that.
  1. How long – 1 to 2 months. That should be enough to get the longer lasting effects into place.
  1. Too much – ok so there’s really no such thing as too much of a good thing but if you unwittingly overdo it on the dosage, ground yourself by sitting out in nature, eating something, like a banana, or doing some body conscious activities like stretching, walking etc. Have no fear though – what goes up must eventually come down. Find a quiet place to chill and discover the beauty of the universe while you wait.

That’s the short version of a guide to bettering yourself through microdosing. Connect with us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help.