At the Open:Minds Expo, learn about the world of psychedelic therapies and the science behind them.

THE OPEN:MINDS EXPO connects you with the science of the growing field of psychedelic wellness and helps you to understand its transformative potential. Embark on an enlightening journey into the depths of holistic wellness.

  • Discover diverse healing approaches, from immersive experiences to innovative therapies, offering insights into mental well-being and personal exploration
  • Grasp the profound impacts of holistic experiences and the essential precautions accompanying powerful modalities.
  • ​Experience a balanced view with sessions like “Psychedelics and Sexuality” and “Contraindications to Use,” ensuring a well-rounded understanding.​
Explore diverse topics at the Open:Minds Expo such as:
  • Psychedelics and SexualityExplore the intriguing intersection of psychedelics and sexuality, unravelling their deep connections and potential for personal and intimate growth.
  • Picking a Psychedelic RetreatDiscover the critical factors and questions to ask when choosing a psychedelic retreat, ensuring yourself a safe and transformative personal journey.
  • Legal Perspectives on PsychedelicsExplore the evolving legal landscape of psychedelics: understand regulations, rights, and the future of psychedelic policy in an engaging session

Join us at The Symes in Toronto on June 1-2, 2024.

Open:Minds Expo