Ibogaine treatment for addicts may be one of the most promising weapons yet in the battle for recovery. While testimonials enthusiastically touting its miraculous addiction-interruption properties of overflow on YouTube and elsewhere on social media, it should be no surprise that junkies and cocaine addicts are notorious for not relying on academia and the pharmaceutical industry for up-to-date and accurate information. Generally, when something like this is effective, like it or not, Big Pharma, the streets find out first.

A small, but diligent, Ibogaine lobby knows it is fighting an uphill battle. But the pressures are mounting. With communities all over the US being devastated by opiate dependency, and drug-related overdoses at an all-time high, necessity may soon be the mother of reconsideration for Ibogaine treatment for addicts.

While bankers and biotech executives in lab coats, and lobbied legislators in well-funded offices ponder the pros and cons of this ‘hallucinogen’, desperate people on the streets are suffering and dying. Given the mounting evidence, it is puzzling that Iboga has been so actively ignored by the ‘mainstream’ forces in America that rule the world of formal research.

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