Ibogaine Treatment Cost

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Ibogaine Treatment Cost – Ibogaine Treatment starts at $5000 US for a 7 day alcohol drug addiction treatment in Vancouver, Canada.

Experience your personalized Ibogaine treatment at Inner Realms Center in Vancouver. We believe in providing everyone with a chance at recovery, which is why we offer a free and confidential consultation to discuss your needs and explore your treatment plan options.
Affordability is a top priority for us. Our personalized Ibogaine programs start at just $5,000 US for a 7-day program. Our treatment programs are tailored to your individual needs and the severity of your addiction.
Whether you require a 7-day or a 30-day program, we will ensure your comfort throughout your stay. You’ll have a private room and receive the necessary medication to prepare you for treatment. Our tranquil recovery house provides a safe and confidential space for meditation, journaling, and yoga. Plus, we keep you active on non-treatment days with gentle hikes and provide delicious, nutritious meals that can be tailored to your dietary needs.
At Inner Realms Center, we believe in providing comprehensive care. That’s why all medications and supplements are included in our price. You’ll receive round-the-clock care, medical test consultation with our addiction specialist nurse plus a soothing bodywork session at the end of your stay to kickstart your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.
Schedule your free and confidential consultation today to begin your personalized Ibogaine treatment journey with Inner Realms Center.

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Ibogaine Treatment Cost  

How Safe is Ibogaine

With intake process we create a custom treatment plan catering to your present situation. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you

Ibogaine Info

Doing the research and finding out all you can about ibogaine before your treatment is highly recommended. Below are sites chock full of Ibogaine info.

Plant Medicines

Plant medicines are now emerging as better medicines than big Pharma has ever concocted. 

Aftercare and Integration

Aftercare and integration are key components for further healing after an ibogaine treatment. Here are some providers in Vancouver BC and internationally:

Inner Realms Center

located in Vancouver provides cutting-edge treatment options for addiction, including the highly effective and innovative ibogaine treatment for addiction.

Our Ibogaine Treatment center offers a personalized plan of treatment, specific to the patients needs utilizing powerful healing properties of Ibogaine and other plant medicines like psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT treatment.

As a leading ibogaine treatment clinic, Inner Realms Center strives to make its services accessible to those in need, while also providing excellent care and support. The center's dedicated staff provides exceptional aftercare and integration services to ensure that patients have the tools and support they need to continue their recovery journey successfully.

With a primary focus on treating addiction, Inner Realms Center provides a safe and transformative environment for individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse.

Additionally, Inner Realms offers a safe and transformative environment for psychospiritual healing.  This holistic approach addresses not only the physical dependency but also the underlying psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction, fostering comprehensive healing and long-term recovery.

As an Ibogaine treatment clinic in Vancouver, Inner Realms specializes in providing effective care for addiction recovery. Ibogaine has shown promising results in alleviating addiction, offering a unique and powerful tool in the journey toward sobriety. By integrating Ibogaine treatment with psychospiritual healing practices, Inner Realms Center offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to addressing addiction and promoting holistic wellness.

Feel free to speak with an intake specialist today. All calls are confidential.

Contact us to speak with an intake specialist today. All calls are confidential. Visit our website to learn more about our team, approach, treatment options, and post-treatment support. Discover the benefits of an ibogaine treatment for mental health and the benefits of Ibogaine for Addiction.

Inner Realms Center is here to support your journey to recovery.

While the cost of ibogaine treatment may vary, Inner Realms offers personalized options, and the center's team can work with patients to create a custom treatment plan. Overall, Inner Realms Center offers a unique and effective approach to addiction treatment and recovery, and those seeking help will find a caring and supportive community at this Vancouver-based facility.

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