Ibogaine for addiction recovery is increasing in mainstream popularity, according to Discover magazine,. As it should be.

They report that “…results of a 2017 observational study indicated a significant reduction in Addiction Severity Index scores across a majority of participants after receiving a single ibogaine treatment. Opioid withdrawal symptoms were also measured before and after the course of treatment through the Subjective Opioid Withdrawal Scale. All participants of the study showed a significant reduction in withdrawal symptoms.” 

It works fairly comprehensively “due to ibogaine’s pharmacological makeup, the interaction with… various neurotransmitters can effectively alleviate drug cravings by easing both physical and mental effects of addiction and help return the brain to a  preaddiction-like state.”

Also, “…visual effects of high doses of ibogaine could lead to intense visions accompanied by a vivid recall of autobiographical visual memories.” That’s the part where the psychological basis of the addiction is discovered and healing initiated.

Finally, as they say, “…rising numbers of substance addiction across the world point to an ever-growing medical need for an effective anti-addiction treatment. Ibogaine stands as a possible treatment option with the capability to fulfill that need.” The media is finally waking up and we agree!