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“I recovered from alcoholism with LSD 22 years ago. And if you find something that works, you want to share it, right?”

Garyth is a Ibogaine provider, and psychedelic practitioner in Vancouver British Columbia.

“Drugs are bad, it’s your fault, you made the decision. We’ve all heard it before.” Garyth also advocates fiercely for better harm reduction services.

“My hope is to address problematic drug use; we’ve lost 10,000 people in BC in the last 6 years and our leaders don’t seem to be too concerned about it.”

Join us this week as we get a intimate and uncut look behind the scenes of underground psychedelic therapies. We’ll talk about how Garyth found his way, how he is helping so many others with his own practice, and about the documentaries he is featured in to bring awareness to the masses.

“The powers that be don’t like Ibogaine because unlike other psychedelics, it can kill you. But, that has more to do with how it’s been traditionally used. We don’t work that way.”

We’re going to find out more about all that and more this week right here, on Hard Knox Talks. Buckle up!

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