Garyth Moxey’s passion and depth of knowledge of healing with plant medicines is clear once you start talking with him about addiction and detoxing with entheogens. As your medicine facilitator, his training as a psychedelic therapist at the Orenda Institute allows for gentle guidance during your stay.

As a recovered substance and alcohol abuser who struggled for many years, he found that the mainstream abstinence programs just didn’t work for him. Desperate to try anything, in 2000 Garyth took an entheogen with the intention healing his demons around alcohol and was successful. After a subsequent medical situation occurred, he had an opiate relapse which lead him to discover Ibogaine and with this wise plant medicine, was able to kick his addiction for good.

Since then, he has been working tirelessly with Ibogaine in both Mexico and Canada. Garyth’s experience as a co-director of an Ibogaine clinic in Vancouver, BC since 2013 helped him build the skills and expertise needed to start Inner Realms Center in 2016. He also has First Aid & CPR training.

Garyth and his team provide dedicated coaching with a personalized focus to assist the client through plant medicine therapy including using Ibogaine. As a strong believer in the healing power of the plant medicines, Garyth’s enthusiasm shines through when exploring different plant medicine options to discover what works best for the individual. Not only does he help clarify intention with clients for what they are trying to achieve with their treatment but he also helps to facilitate difficult conversations with family memebers. This comes from many years of experience of having treated hundreds of clients.

Give us a call today and he will happily address any concerns or questions you may have and what therapy is right for you.

It’s clear that Blair Bromley has decades of experience in the hospitality industry from the moment she welcomes you into the space. As the Therapeutic coordinator, your needs before, during and after will be facilitated with great detail.

Having spent the last decade specifically in personal care and treatment, Blair has a can-do attitude with a warm smile. As a horticultural therapist and chef extraordinaire, there’s no shortage of soothing greenery and nourishing food.

From warm hugs to chilled atmosphere to wholesome meals, Blair is the conductor, orchestrating the logistics behind the scenes to ensure your healing takes place in the utmost comfort and all your needs are met with care and compassion.

Vader, our loving Dogo Argentino is always up for lots of love, kisses and cuddles and has that incredible ability to know just when you might need some. He’s THE therapy dog for those in need.

He likes long walks on the beach, ice cream cones and his teddy bear, Rupert. Chin scratches always appreciated.