addictionAddiction can happen to anyone. An addict can be your next-door neighbor, your sister or your best friend. It doesn’t discriminate against who becomes addicted and yet many people seem to look at those with addiction as being damaged WITHOUT understanding that circumstances, experiences and often limited resources that can have a huge impact on an individual’s background with substance abuse. (more…)

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The scariest and hardest part for addicts is quitting opiates. The severe pain of withdrawal is enough to keep an addict in the throws of their addiction forever.  It keeps people tied to taking opiates for fear of all the symptoms that can happen.  (more…)

SMART recovery program

The SMART Recovery Program stands for Self Management Addiction Recovery Therapy and it differs in its beliefs compared to another program called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The SMART Recovery program bases its beliefs on scientific research and includes self-empowering help groups and techniques instead of the religious, faith based system of AA.  Many clients we see have reservations about joining a therapy group but once they are done with their Ibogaine Treatment, they find it helpful to be surrounded by others that understand what they are going through and we’ve found the SMART Recovery Program to be very helpful.

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You may have noticed the media discussing opioid addiction lately but you might not know what the heck an opioid is. Educating yourself is the first step to spotting and helping stop this in your loved ones.

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If you read our post about having the “gateway” talk with your loved ones about pain medication abuse leading to heroin addiction, you might be happy to hear there’s an upside to that chat: the part about cannabis being seen as a gateway drug leading away from painkiller addiction.

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Matthew Johnson, an associate professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and the lead author of the study, was interested in psilocybin because of the success researchers had in using LSD to treat alcoholics in the 1960s. He liked that psilocybin was shorter-acting than LSD and had less societal stigma. It also has few side effects or addictive properties of its own.Studies have already shown that hallucinogens might relieve everything from clinical depression to anxiety among cancer patients. Smoking, meanwhile, is relatively easy to study—not as deadly as, say, heroin and readily detectable with a urine test.

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Opioid overdose will kill 800 people in B.C. this year if the death toll continues at its current rate. In the first three months of 2016, fentanyl was detected in half of 200 opioid-overdose deaths. Fentanyl is indiscriminately killing entrenched street users and casual users from the suburbs.

Legalize Psychedelics

This is the case to legalize psychedelics. Although the drugs have gotten some media attention in recent years for helping cancer patients deal with their fear of death and helping people quit smoking, there’s also a similar potential boon for the non-medical, even recreational hallucinogenic user. As hallucinogens get a renewed look by researchers, they’re finding that the substances may improve almost anyone’s mood and quality of life — as long as they’re taken in the right setting, typically a controlled environment.

Opioid drugs can be powerfully effective treatments for those in pain, but they can also be extremely dangerous. This episode explores how opioids can lead to dependence, abuse and addiction, and the effects that opioid abuse have had in America. The episode explores how drug manufacturers, regulators, doctors, and patients have all contributed to the current crisis of opioid abuse.

Drugs and money Ibogaine treatment cost

The short answer is what is it worth to you to explore your spirituality and/or interrupt your addiction? Ibogaine treatment cost weighed against the gain puts it all into perspective.

Are you looking for a spiritual booster to help you better understand yourself and your place in this world? Or have you been addicted to huge quantities opiates for too long and are looking to break the chains of addiction and change your life around? Do you have PTSD, depression or anxiety and can’t quite enjoy life to the fullest that you’d like to?