DMT, psychedelic, Ibogaine, psycho-spiritualDMT (dimenthyltryptamine) is the powerful psychedelic drug found naturally occurring in various plants and animals with small quantities in the human brain. It’s the only psychoactive substance found naturally in the body and when using DMT (smoking or ingesting), releases its powerful psychedelic properties, producing a hallucinating experience that can lasts from 10-45 minutes. (more…)

SMART recovery program

The SMART Recovery Program stands for Self Management Addiction Recovery Therapy and it differs in its beliefs compared to another program called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The SMART Recovery program bases its beliefs on scientific research and includes self-empowering help groups and techniques instead of the religious, faith based system of AA.  Many clients we see have reservations about joining a therapy group but once they are done with their Ibogaine Treatment, they find it helpful to be surrounded by others that understand what they are going through and we’ve found the SMART Recovery Program to be very helpful.

painkiller addiction cannabis

If you read our post about having the “gateway” talk with your loved ones about pain medication abuse leading to heroin addiction, you might be happy to hear there’s an upside to that chat: the part about cannabis being seen as a gateway drug leading away from painkiller addiction.

Drugs and money Ibogaine treatment cost

The short answer is what is it worth to you to explore your spirituality and/or interrupt your addiction? Ibogaine treatment cost weighed against the gain puts it all into perspective.

Are you looking for a spiritual booster to help you better understand yourself and your place in this world? Or have you been addicted to huge quantities opiates for too long and are looking to break the chains of addiction and change your life around? Do you have PTSD, depression or anxiety and can’t quite enjoy life to the fullest that you’d like to?


Robin Carhart-Harris has been conducting pioneering brain imaging studies of psychedelics. Most recently, he has completed the first phase of a clinical trial looking at the potential of psilocybin to treat depression, and his talk looks at how these drugs can be used in treatment.

The United States is in the midst of the worst drug addiction epidemic in its history. But it is not a crisis of illegal drugs, it is one of prescription painkillers. Behind the recent flurry of headlines about a massive surge in heroin use is a much more widespread wave of addiction to legal opioids — OxyContin, Vicodin and other painkillers.

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A recent article at discusses the transformative effects of Ibogaine. is a super informative site that provides journalism on natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. The author summarizes the experience with comments like:

Speed, coke, crack, heroin… Russell Brand took drugs every single day. He got clean at the age of 27, the age Amy Winehouse was when she died. Amy’s death was a paradoxical, unsurprising shock, and Russell felt like he could have done something to help.

Jonathan Dickinson of GITA with hat

Jonathan Dickinson is the Executive Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA). He has worked with ibogaine in therapeutic and sacramental contexts in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama, and has published and presented on his work globally.

Jonathan functions as a liaison between academics, government officials, researchers, not-for-profits, and care providers in regard to ibogaine research and practice. During his tenure, Jonathan has organized two international conferences on ibogaine and in 2014, was initiated into Bwiti, a spiritual discipline and psychoactive practice involving iboga by the forest-dwelling peoples of Gabon.

Here he talks about how Ibogaine is administered and what an Ibogaine session is like.

Different aspects of Ibogaine are shared by way of personal experiences and explanations from ex-addicts, treatment providers and experts.