End-of-Life Care



Spiritual well-being, and a sense of meaning and peace are known to substantially benefit those suffering psychological distress at the end of life.

End-of-Life Care

We offer you the safe and conscious use of psychedelics to better able you to consider mind expansion, initiate spiritual experiences, help re-pattern the brain in a positive way, align with your soul’s purpose and inspire creativity.

Studies have shown that cancer patients who reported a high degree of meaning in their lives were able to tolerate severe physical symptoms more than patients who reported lower scores on measures of meaning and peace. Patients with a high sense of meaning reported a high satisfaction with their quality of life, despite pain and fatigue.

Through psychospiritual exploration, the very realization of eventual nonbeing gives meaning to existence, making every human act count during your end-of-life period. A life review helps your to recognize purpose, value, and meaning; exploring guilt, remorse, forgiveness, and reconciliation allows for peace of mind.

Spiritual Attunement

This type of experience includes mind, body and spirit. It is the integration of psychological growth and spiritual attunement – bringing both into harmony. It is a viewing of life issues as gateways to greater understanding and a learning that crisis can become an opportunity for growth.

By challenging the notions of heightened awareness, personal freedom, and responsibility, you can begin to meaningfully reflect upon and take ownership of the life you have chosen and of the possibilities that are still available right up until the moment of your death.

Make the most of the life you have left to live. Liberate yourself from being a passive victim of circumstance and become an active participant in your life with heightened awareness and responsibility. Take meaningful ownership of your life, feelings, choices, and beliefs which promotes authentic relatedness with yourself, the world, and others.

By helping you explore the “why” of your existence and the meaning of your life, we offer you a way to happily bear the burden of your suffering and eventual death with strength, dignity and peace.