Leading psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths discloses the ways that psychedelic drugs can be used to create spiritually meaningful, personally transformative experiences for all patients, especially the terminally ill.

For those interested in the healing benefits of Ibogaine therapy for opioid addiction as well as psychospiritual and end-of-life exploration, Inner Realms Co-Founder Garyth Moxey talks about what led him in this direction and why he does what he does.


addictionAddiction can happen to anyone. An addict can be your next-door neighbor, your sister or your best friend. It doesn’t discriminate against who becomes addicted and yet many people seem to look at those with addiction as being damaged WITHOUT understanding that circumstances, experiences and often limited resources that can have a huge impact on an individual’s background with substance abuse. (more…)

opiate addictionHaving recently treated someone for her opiate addiction who is a mother of a small child, a wife of many years and a much beloved daughter, the following is her story and her experience taking Ibogaine:


DMT, psychedelic, Ibogaine, psycho-spiritualDMT (dimenthyltryptamine) is the powerful psychedelic drug found naturally occurring in various plants and animals with small quantities in the human brain. It’s the only psychoactive substance found naturally in the body and when using DMT (smoking or ingesting), releases its powerful psychedelic properties, producing a hallucinating experience that can lasts from 10-45 minutes. (more…)

opioid recovery, opiates, detox, get clean

The scariest and hardest part for addicts is quitting opiates. The severe pain of withdrawal is enough to keep an addict in the throws of their addiction forever.  It keeps people tied to taking opiates for fear of all the symptoms that can happen.  (more…)

oatmeal, recovery, nutritionAddiction therapy involves many aspects and one of the most important is nutrition.


peyote, mescaline, psycho-spiritualPeyote is a small, spineless cactus that, along with the San Pedro cactus, contains Mescaline. This hallucinogen has traditionally been used by natives in northern Mexico and parts of the US in their religious ceremonies.



Which path to take

Successful Ibogaine treatments are all about getting the right provider because an intuitive provider will be able to properly assess the course and intensity of the administered medicine with you.  A treatment best works if the Ibogaine provider understands the needs of the client and is attentive to all aspects of the client’s journey.

SMART recovery program

The SMART Recovery Program stands for Self Management Addiction Recovery Therapy and it differs in its beliefs compared to another program called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The SMART Recovery program bases its beliefs on scientific research and includes self-empowering help groups and techniques instead of the religious, faith based system of AA.  Many clients we see have reservations about joining a therapy group but once they are done with their Ibogaine Treatment, they find it helpful to be surrounded by others that understand what they are going through and we’ve found the SMART Recovery Program to be very helpful.