Ibogaine Treatment in Canada

Our Mission Statement

To provide the best available support for individuals overcoming substance use disorders,

especially those affected by the North American opioid epidemic, safely and comfortably in Mexico or Europe.


Addiction is a complicated topic. The current most commonly accepted view of addiction is that it is a disease of the brain. However...

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How Ibogaine is Used

Ibogaine has been called the “the plant that enables man to see the dead” and has increasingly been used as a detoxification treatment from opiates since the 1980s.

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End Results

You're definitely a different you then when you started. You have revelations of new ways of thinking and being. More avenues open up for you. You feel more at home in yourself.

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Ibogaine and Addiction

What's going on in the world of addiction interruption
  • *Inner Realms facilitated a great transformation in my life. When I was at my very worst, they helped me turn my life around. With the help of Gary

    testimonial Vivid pink Lotus flower in a green pond


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  • *I came to Inner Realms with a long term addiction to multiple grams a day of pure heroin. I was nervous at first, but from the moment I was greeted b

    Brian holds a candle in his testimonial ex-Heroin addict now in recovery


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  • *When I found out about Ibogaine and it's use, it became very urgent for me to get into center as soon as possible. I talked to 2 other Ibogaine provi


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  • *My experience during my Ibogaine treatment was exceptional and well coordinated. I was made to feel extremely comfortable so my transition into th

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    Dennis Bergshoeff

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  • *Opiates had been a problem for me my entire adult life. From age 19 to age 37, on and off for 18 years, but mainly on. I had never been clean for lon

    Paul B.

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  • *I accomplished the impossible! I kept trying to get off of oxycodone, and couldn’t function. I didn't want to lose my job, my career. Going into a


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